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Adelaide’s First Authentic Chai Café

Experience traditional Indian chai with a modern Australian twist.

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Authentic Chai Café Adelaide

Our Story

Chaioz was born from two friends’ passion for chai and everything it represented – comfort, culture, and the joy a cup can bring in a home away from home. The founders met at work, connecting through their shared appreciation of diverse cultures, and a dream of creating a unique Indian-Australian chai experience. With a mission to introduce the magic of this special tea to their beautiful city, Adelaide, the founders embarked on a journey to marry Indian chai culture with the modern Australian palate. Inspired by the vision of curating a cosy space where the people could momentarily escape the hustle and bustle of city life, Chaioz came to life.


Welcome to Chaioz, Adelaide’s first chai café. We invite you to embark on a cultural adventure that transcends borders. Step into our home away from home, sip a warm cup of fragrant chai, and experience the magic of this special Indian tea with us.

Authentic Indian Chai Tea Adelaide

Our Chai’s

We’ve spent countless hours experimenting with different chai recipes, infusing our tailor-made combinations with selected spices and herbs to tantalise your taste buds. With a flavour to suit every chai lover, you’re sure to find the perfect cup for your taste.

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The Art of Chai

Indian chai tea is more than a beverage, it’s an art form. At Chaioz, we’re not just brewing tea; we’re brewing memories. Every cup of chai at Chaioz blends the finest tea leaves with aromatic spices, milk, and a touch of sweetness. Savour the flavours of India with every sip.

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    Chai Origins

    Developed in India for its flavour and potential health benefits, masala chai dates back thousands of years. Although tea was likely introduced to India by traders and travellers from China, the practice of adding spices and herbs to tea to create what we now know as masala chai is uniquely Indian.

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    Our Roots

    We wanted to bring a piece of our homeland to the shores of Adelaide, sharing the flavours and traditions that define chai culture. The bustling markets, aromatic spices, and centuries-old recipes passed down through generations are at the heart of what we do.

  • Desi Masala Chai Adelaide


    Traditional masala chai includes a blend of black tea leaves, milk, spices such as cloves, and sweeteners like honey. Cardamom adds an aromatic and citrusy flavour, ginger adds a zesty kick while providing comforting warmth, and cinnamon gives a sweet and woody aroma.

A Culinary Adventure

Join us on a culinary chai adventure, from Adelaide to India, without leaving your seat.

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What Makes Our Chai Unique

Capturing the traditional essence of Indian chai culture is at the heart of what we do. We pride ourselves on:

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    High Quality Spices

    There’s no substitute for quality, and we choose only the highest quality chai spices and tea to create our unique blends.

  • Chai Bun Maska Adelaide

    Commitment to Flavour

    No matter what twist we put on our beloved traditional chai tea, we always make sure it will delight your tastebuds.

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    Health Benefits

    The herbs and spices used in traditional chai are well-known for their numerous health benefits and antioxidant properties, and our teas are no exception.

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    Tea to Spice Ratio

    If you’ve ever made chai tea, you’ll know how important the tea to spice ratio is. We’ve spent precious hours fine-tuning ours, making sure we hit that perfect balance in every cup.

  • Authentic Indian Chai Tea Adelaide

    Brewing Process

    Key to creating the perfect chai is the brewing process. We’ve built on traditional methods with innovative new processes to create a tea even the most traditional chai-lover would approve of.